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See what matters to you! Where are your fans based? Who are your most engaged or influential fans? What social media platforms do they use? Fangage gives you beautiful and easy to read fan analytics right in your fan portal dashboard! That way you can enhance your fan engagement with the data you collect in your fan portal.


Tired of sending out Tweets, hoping someone will read them? Done spending a lot of money boosting your Facebook post to reach the right audience? With Fangage you are able to personally take fan engagement to a new level with with laser-targeted precision, communicating with your fans on the platforms they use and love the most, including email, SMS and Facebook chat.


Connecting your fans with brands and products that YOU love and use yourself, an additional revenue stream and product fan engagement are within arm’s reach. Using our extensive network of brand partners and advanced fan analytics, Fangage creates the perfect link between you, your fans and your favorite products.


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Fangage provides you with your own beautiful exclusive content portal that allows you to connect with, and collect important data on, each of your fans.

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