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How Quickly Can I Implement My Fangage Website?

Sebastiaan Hooft

DJ & Author
December 17 2018
5 minutes

So, let’s discuss what a lot of artists would like to know –how quickly can I implement my Fangage website? 

Implementing a site refers to the processes of; 

  • gathering content for the website and entering these onto the website pages
  • the technical aspects of transferring the pages to a server and testing them, and
  • the final launch of the site.

The process encompasses every other thing involved building the website according to its intended layout and design. 

No need for constant update management

Let’s take a look at WordPress for example;

WordPress powers about 30% of the blogosphere. 

It’s a flexible platform and can be used to build any website. It has a wide range of templates and has quite a sophisticated content management system.

You will have to worry about finding the perfect hosting provider, and you will continuously need to manage updates or content maintenance because of versioning.

Better artist-fan engagement and relationship

Coming back to Fangage, the story is entirely different. 

The Fangage platform is meant to help artists build new fans and connect with their super fans. In this regard, Fangage is a whole lot better and easier to use for both the follower an and artist.

Because of the laser-targeted precision and the ease of communication with fans, artists are easily able to engage their fans and take this relationship to a whole new level.

The absence of technical complexities

Other open source CMS platforms give you creative control but usually end up complicating things. The processes involved in this way can be quite challenging especially for people who are not tech savvy. 

Unlike these other platforms, you see your changes right as you integrate them unlike having to make changes in the backend that will possibly need further adjustments or changes.

Superb mobile optimization

The Fangage platform is fully optimized for mobile. You don’t have to worry about choosing from different themes of varying qualities. For an artist website where most of the web traffic is coming from mobile sources, it’s always necessary to ensure your site has the best mobile experience.

Because this is a very important component of your website design strategy, you can rest assured that you can easily achieve this with Fangage.

With Fangage, you have a platform that not only helps you connect with your biggest fans but does this a dedicated way. You can manage contents efficiently and don’t even have to worry about which hosting provider will serve you the best. If you are not tech savvy, Fangage still can be very easily implemented.

Because of this ease, artists, as well as their content creators do not need necessarily need expensive and extensive training before they can fully use the platform. Everything even gets better since Fangage can also easily connect lots of other third-party apps from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, A-boss, Bandsintown, Woocommerce, Shopify, Ticketmaster, and many others.