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How To Bring Current Fans To A Fangage Website

Sebastiaan Hooft

DJ & Author
December 24 2018
5 minutes

So, what’s next now that you have your Fangage website up and running?

You’re well on course for revolutionary fan management and engagement move. However, this is not just going to happen like that. You’ll have to make some moves, and the most important of this will be bringing your current fans to your Fangage website.

To those artists who are still contemplating a move to Fangage and those who are somehow new to the platform, this may seem challenging. While I’m never going to sugarcoat anything, it is something you can always do, with a little work and some efforts.

So, how did I advise to do it?

Now, I will share some tips with you from my own experience. You have to share your content frequently on your socials. I assume you’ve built a fanbase on your social media page already. Truth is these groups of fans who are already familiar with your brand are probably the easiest you can win over to your Fangage website in no time. However, you won’t be able to do that without their knowledge as well as their attention.

You’ll have to share your Fangage website content on Facebook and across other social platforms, you are currently using. These contents can then link back to your Fangage website where they (your fans) can be better engaged.

One very significant way of doing this is by providing your fans on social networks access to offers exclusively accessible on your Fangage website. A way that will help them stay engaged with your brand while you’re also able to channel the traffic from these sources to your Fangage platform.

Your target right now will be to get more engagement from your fans and divert this traffic to your Fangage website. A way that means you’ll probably have to do it the usual way most other sites do, although there will be a few differences.

A great example is Sam Feldts’ 2018 Advent Calendar 2018 on Heartfeldt. Every day offers his fans a new opportunity to unlock exclusive gifts. The content varies from a free smartphone case and early access to new music, to a contest to win a plane ticket and meeting at his next live show.

You’ll want to use photos frequently with your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever your current fans are concentrated. It’s common knowledge that pictures, as well as other multimedia types, can help you generate more traffic and engagement on social networks. As I said previously, your target right now will be to engage and reach as many fans as you can.

For me, it meant that I had to get to know my fans better on various social channels. For instance, my posts on Instagram Stories did not lead to a significant conversion on my Fangage website. We started asking the question’do we know why people follow me on Instagram?’

The good thing is Fangage has been designed and optimized to work excellently well with social logins, so your fans don’t have to do extra work. Whether as a DJ, a musical artist or brand influencer, this makes it a whole lot easier to direct this group of loyal fans right to your Fangage website where you’ll ultimately serve, engage, and manage fans better.