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What Happens When You Lose Touch with Your Super Fans

Sebastiaan Hooft

DJ & Author
December 10 2018
5 minutes

So about six years ago I started to play music in clubs again. 

And even though I wasn’t producing any music then, my social following steadily grew every passing day. While I was using LinkedIn and Twitter for my business life, I started a Facebook page to build my music life. As of that time, the platform had a fantastic engagement. 

After that came Instagram and Snapchat. Until two years ago everything was fine, but slowly I noticed my fan engagement going down and the amount of ‘click here to advertise on Facebook’ buttons going up. What had happened? 

Four years ago, I started to produce music. My idea was to give away my music for free in return for a like on one of my socials. But in fact, my music wasn’t free. Their love was bought with a like. 

Most of the people that bought my music with a “like” weren’t interested in engaging with me at all. I had a severe problem reaching my fans that did want to engage. 

What happened then was due to changes in the platform’s algorithms. Artists who once had their Facebook pages bustling with activities soon saw everything die down right before their eyes. The disconnection grew so much between artists and their fans.

This sudden change of fortune is not unexpected on third-party platforms like these. Because artists, in this case, do not have ownership and control of their fan’s data. When a situation like this happens, artists lose the engagement and connection they’ve previously enjoyed with their clients. The impact of these is far-reaching on both career and business fronts.

So, I was experiencing this change of fortune and was actively looking for a way to turn things around. I had to be able to connect with my audience. I need that engagement, but Facebook has been on a decline in recent times.

But then, something happened.

I met Sam Renders who most people know as Sam Feldt. Sam had just founded Fangage along with his partner, Jasper Schrijver. He had already made a name for himself as a veteran DJ and seasoned entrepreneur. So, what is it with Fangage?

Fangage was developed to help artists connect with their super fans. It was what I’ve been looking for all the time. Fangage aims to give artists and influencers a solid ground on which they can connect and relate with their super fans. 

Of course, this will be needed to both boost your brand and see success as a business. So, I made a deal with Sam, I’m going to use the platform, and I’ll be open about the progress and results.

Over the next ten weeks, I’ll be discussing how Fangage is set up while also showing you what it does for artists like me. You’re welcome to make contributions. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions via social media. I’ll make sure your voice is heard.